Rev. Patricia Aladekoba

Rev. Patricia Aladekoba is the Vice-President of Christ Throne Ministries. She was ordained an Evangelist with Christ Apostolic Church, WOSEM, in 2008. She was ordained a Pastor with Christ Throne Ministries in November 2010. Pastor Patricia Aladekoba has been instructed by the Lord to form a Women’s ministry, hence, the launching of “Women’s Evangelistic Fellowship”. According to the leading of the Lord, “Determined Women of God” of Christ Throne Ministries, was also established and inaugurated in October 2009. The Lord’s mandate for this assignment is to raise up “determined” women for Him – powerful women of God, who are focused, resolute, and nothing stands in their way. Fearless women who like Esther can say, “…and if I perish, I perish” (Esther 4: 16). She loves the Lord. She is a prayer warrior. The calling of God on her life is to be a full-fledged teacher and minister of God. Her zeal for the things of the Lord has sparked in her the need to gather other like-minded women to get busy for the Lord in a bid to be sold out for the work of God. She is a ‘determined’ woman of God.

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